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I was so proud of myself for being in bed before midnight, but as soon as my head hit the pillow I remembered all the fucked up dreams I had last night ahhhhh

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well, now that i finished my ds9 rewatch, i have updated my tv shows page

not sure when i’ll start the farscape rewatch, but it will be soon.

also not sure when i will get back to stargate. it’s just a pain to watch through amazon prime bc then i have to hook my computer up to the tv and wah wah current technology is just NOT CONVENIENT ENOUGH FOR ME WAHHH

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mrbildango inquired: "Hi. What's new pal?"


ohhh not much. i’m finally finishing up my ds9 rewatch. trying to clean a bit, etc.

getting really excited about my upcoming trip to monterey, ca. :D

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i wanna do female vorta makeup

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passadig inquired: "'Ello 'Ello"

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Anonymous inquired: "Hello!"

hello! :)

(ooooh two anons in one day, i feel special)

(i hope the previous statement doesn’t sound sarcastic. i mean it sincerely.)

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Anonymous inquired: "Hi! How are you doing?"


i am… ok.

i am ok. i’m not terrible, but i’ve been having some Mood and Cognitive Distortion problems that have been coming around a little more often in the past couple of weeks.


i am trying. i am doing small things when i can. i have a magnificent weekend vacation planned that is coming up soon. i still enjoy what i am doing for my internship. my future does not look like an entirely formless blob anymore (just a blurry one).

the mood/cog. dist. issues don’t follow me to work or out of the house. i do have hope.

i am ok. :)

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krisstraub inquired: "hello!"


i feel like we have not talked in a very long time which is probably not true

perception of time is weird and subjective ahhh!!